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bullet imagebullet imageHave you ever wanted to grow your own vegies but don't know where to start? Limited by space? Want to go away on holidays and not have to worry about watering the garden? A raised wicking garden made from untreated pine could be the answer.

Why a wicking bed?

A wicking garden bed is like a self-watering pot with a large water reservoir underneath the soil so these beds can last up to 4+ weeks between watering. This is a very water efficient process and allows you spend more time enjoying your garden and less time watering. 

Why a raised garden?

After looking around at the various raised garden beds we came to the conclusion they were still at a height that required bending over to plant, pick or weed. Our garden beds are the perfect height to stand and garden in comfort. 

Is it sustainable?

Our garden beds are new, untreated, solid pine and will last 10+years. The timber comes from sustainably grown pine plantations in South Australia. The WaterUp wicking cells are made from 100% recycled plastic. All the liners and pipes used are made from food safe, LDPE.

How can we help you?

We supply garden beds and a DIY wicking conversion kit to enable you to build your own raised, wicking garden bed or we can install the wicking beds for you.  The WaterUp wicking cells can be installed in a wide range of garden beds, give us a call to find out how.

Call Mark Smith on 0401 438 652 for a chat about your needs. We can supply a DIY wicking kit to suit just about any raised garden bed. Advice on in ground gardening, composting, worm farms also available.

Contact details

For all enquiries, contact Mark Smith on;

Phone - 0401 438 652

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